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Welcome to Shanklin pet stores fondly known as the Tardis

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Shanklin pet stores is one of the oldest Pet Stores on the Island opened in 1965 and still going strong.

We are a small father and son run business, We took over in 1998 (the father) Not so much for profit just for the love of providing fresh, top of the range products at respectable prices on your pocket. Now run by the second generation (the son) the reins handed over in 2015, please be aware we do not sell any live animals.

Ollie who comes to work every morning (African grey Parrot) will be the first to welcome you to our friendly pet stores.

As you can see from the picture we have a rather small shop, we stock around 4,000 items in store out of the 15,000+ items we offer online.

Isle Of Wight Trader Approval Scheme has made all its checks and has welcomed Shanklin Pet Stores aboard 2017 

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