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Welcome to Shanklin pet stores fondly known as the Tardis

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Shanklin Pet Stores has been open since 1965, making it one of the oldest Pet Stores on the Isle of Wight, and is still going strong.

A family run business, the father and sons took the store over in 1998 to provide top of the range and fresh products at a respectable price, with the shop now on the second generation with Aaron and Kyle since 2015.

Shanklin Pet Stores also recently launched its new pet food in 2017 – Ken Wight’s Grain Free Pet Food. A minimum of 50% meat content in each bag, making it high in quality and low in price. Grain free, hypoallergenic, with no added colours, preservatives, or flavours, its the ideal food for the modern cat and dog!

Isle of Wight Trader Approved, Shanklin Pet Stores stock over 4,000 items in store with 5,000+ items available on line.

Please note we do NOT sell any live animals.

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