Welcome to the Shanklin Pet Stores Animal Charities Discount programme!

Thousands of animals find themselves in distress or without a home each year. Thankfully, animal shelters and charities are there to help these animals in need. Shanklin Pet Stores commends the work of these fine organisations, we offer all customers that wish to help these charities a 5% discount on all orders when you enter your unique coupon code, We then match the money you save and donate it to the charity you selected.

How does it work? each charity has its own coupon that you enter on your cart, this then gives you 5% off your shop, we then add up your savings and send it to the charity associated to the coupon you used.

Shanklin Pet Stores participating Charities

Bunny Hops, Elaine on (01983) 408923 Bunny Hops Wishlist 

If there is any animal Charities you would like to tell us about on the Isle of Wight, or you are running a registered charity, please don’t hesitate in contacting us

Please note this is an online only program