KONG Cat Kickeroo Cuddler

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Kong Cat Kickeroo Cuddler the perfect bat, pounce and play toy for your cat, which combines a variety of textures and materials to keep your feline friend engaged, satisfied and stimulated.

Made with high-quality fabrics to ensure a durable design,  features a unique combination of fabrics and textures, appealing to your cat’s instinctual desire to chase, pounce, stalk and capture. Featuring an enticing burlap fabric that brings scratching and thrashing adventure to a new level, it is perfect for hind-paw kicking, rolling, batting and stalking, with three different textures that offer variety and interest. The long fluffy tail also provides varied movement keeping your cat engaged for longer. Filled with a generous dose of KONG Premium North American catnip and stimulating crinkles, it will delight and reward cats of all sizes, ages and breeds.