Pettex Sinking Bottom Feeder Pellets 500g


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Pettex Sinking Bottom Feeder Pellets are a high quality fish food suitable for all coldwater bottom feeding fish including Sterlets, Catfish, Tench and many other species, this highly digestible and balanced formulation gives your fish the healthy diet they require. Pettex Sinking Pellets are designed for all bottom feeders who may not receive food when normal floating pellets or sticks are used. Nearly all modern foods float until eaten and are out of the reach of most bottom feeders. Pettex Sinking Pellets provides a balanced range of minerals, vitamins, fibre, and a high protein content for fast growth, making Pettex sinking pellets the ideal food to satisfy all your fishes nutritional requirements. Our balanced formula avoids the need for over feeding and so reduces possible water pollution.

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