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What Causes Wet Tail in Rabbits?

Wet Tail in Rabbits

Wet tail is quite literally when a rabbit, or any other animal, has a wet tail or bottom. You should always seek veternary advice when a rabbit’s backside starts getting a foul odour, looks dirty or wet, as wet tail is a very serious condition. This is caused by a rabbit’s urine going down either one or both hind legs instead of being expelled backwards, clean of the tail. Over a couple of days this will become stressful and very painful to the rabbit as the urine will start hitting red and sore skin, making it incredibly painful for the rabbit to urinate, highlighting how important it is to keep an eye out for any symptoms of Wet Tail before it gets to this stage.

Other Symptoms include:

  • Fur falling out (due to bacterial infections etc.)
  • Fly strike (Wet Tail in turn causes Fly Strike)
  • Wet Fur

Causes of Wet Tail in Rabbits

There’s a range of causes for Wet Tail – such as arthritis and general injury causing the rabbit to be unable to urinate properly, but can be treated with a series of medication. However, mechanical injury has little that can be done to help solve the problem and are often put to sleep if the Vet believes the injury is inoperable.

Other causes include:

  • Obsesity – bulges of skin can grow around the abdomen causing urine to be trapped and run down their leg(s), treated by feeding diet rabbit food
  • Infection – both infections and anti-fungal creams and sprays can be great solutions to this, but still go to the vet to determine the best course of treatment
  • E. cuniculi – caused by parasites, it can effect different rabbits in different ways, and in some extreme cases its incurable, but its normally treated with Panacur and will undo most damage done
  • Post-castration complication – a rare complication that causes the urethra to constrict in size. Vets normally gently stretch the hole to reverse it to cure the complication

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