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Animal Urine Smell Counter-actions











Animal urine smell counter-actions

If given enough time, the smell of urine will keep building up until it’s unignorable – particularly cat urine. Not only is the smell horrible, but it can be embarrassing when people come round and can even be smelt on your clothes. While house training your pet will help prevent ‘little accidents’ around the house, they can still occur especially with older pets who have limited bladder control or animals without outdoors access during long periods.

Effective cleaning products

There’s a range of sprays and ‘cures’ for the smell of urine, but only some seem to be especially popular, particularly products with ‘anionic surfactants’ in as they allow the urine to be lifted from surfaces with limited moisture being created and leaves behind an easy powder to hoover up. These and similar can be found in products such as;

Natural remedies

While they may not completely clear the smell, it’s a far better option than just leaving the urine to soak in and are mainly household ingredients:

  • Lemon juice and bicarbonate soda
  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda and white vinegar
  • 16oz of 3% Hydrogen peroxide, 1 tbsp of baking soda and 1 tsp of washing up liquid

Something to bare in mind with natural remedies is that they won’t be animal safe like products from a pet store. Hydrogen peroxide is similar to a mild bleach, white vinegar may cause a stomach upset and bicarbonate soda can be toxic in large amounts.

Despite the rumour that onions can get rid of the smell of urine, it doesn’t and just covers up the smell of urine with the stronger smell of onion with the urine smell returning as soon as the onion dries up. Also, onions are in fact poisonous to cats so are deeply advised against in case they try to eat one.











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